Why You Should Use a Shadow Box for Military Displays

Officially speaking, military awards are meant to honor the service and personal accomplishments undertaken in one’s military career. While this is certainly true, these medals also represent the life of someone who is important to both their friends and family. Whether the service member in question is alive or deceased, the display of these awards is something that is very personal and very important. If you have awards to display, it’s a good idea to find a respectful and beautiful way to do so. One of the best methods of display is a shadowbox. It is not only a beautiful method of display, but it is also a great way to keep your awards safe for years to come.

A Beautiful Display

Shadowboxes are lovely displays meant to house important items. While many use them for items as varied as baseball cards and movie memorabilia, they’ve becoming increasingly common among veterans and their families as methods of storage. The shadow box allows the medals and ribbons to be viewed easily and even arranged in their order of precedence (the rules for the Navy can be found here). These display cases allow you to make a statement about the importance of the items while still showing them off.

Safety First

Military medals might be meant to last, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be damaged. While you certainly want to make sure they are on display so they can be seen, you also want to make sure that they will stand the test of time. A shadowbox is a great compromise between display and security, as the box keeps the medals behind glass but still allows them to be viewed easily. Shadowboxes can be easily moved and passed around, making them great for those who want to lend them out to students for show and tell or simply want to allow family members to see the awards.

Preserving the Past

A good shadowbox also helps to protect your medals for the future. By keeping them all in one place, you stand less of a chance of losing them. Keeping the medals together also makes it easier for you to pass them down through the generations, as they should be ready to be displayed and won’t require you descendants to deal with figuring out how to properly display them in your home. If you are considering the future of your prized possessions, a good shadowbox might be a great first place to look.

Shadowboxes are beautiful decorative tools that help preserve your medals awards both today and tomorrow. Military awards are indicative of a life of service, and they should be honored as an important part of a person’s history. Make sure you treat them with the respect they deserve.