What to Know Before Buying Once Fired Shell Casings

Reloading ammunition may be the best way for shooters to save money, but you can only do it if you have shell casings to reload in the first place. That normally isn’t much of a problem, because most shooters can collect their own casings and reuse them. It’s a little bit harder to do that if people have lost their collection, are switching over to a new caliber, or simply don’t have enough brass to meet their needs. It’s possible to solve that problem by buying once fired shell casings in order to get started reloading again.

What Is It?

Once fired shell casings are empty cases that are ready to be reloaded and fired again. The casings come from a variety of sources, from public shooting ranges to military exercises, so it’s easy to find most calibers. Since each casing has only been used once, it’s still in excellent condition and fit for reuse.

Why Use It?

Most people who reload ammunition reuse their own casings after they shoot. People buy once fired shell casings when they don’t have enough to reload. That usually happens when people are starting to use a new type of ammunition and don’t want to spend the money to get new rounds for their first trip to the range. Other people buy it because it’s a cheap way to build up a large reserve for times when ammunition is hard to find.

It’s usually easy to buy new casings to load by hand, but they usually cost significantly more than once fired equivalents. Ammunition is expensive at the best of times, so a lot of people prefer to get the once fired casings so they can get more bang for their buck.

Is It Safe?

Safety is a natural concern for people who are dealing with things that might explode, and conventional wisdom says that new things are always safer than old ones. That isn’t the case when it comes to ammunition, since brass casings wear out very slowly. It’s possible that the occasional damaged casing might get mixed into a bulk order, but it’s fairly easy to avoid using them. If a casing looks strange, play it safe and avoid using it, but anything that looks safe will be just as reliable as a new product.

Does It Need Preparation?

Once fired casings are similar to new brass, but there are a few extra steps to make sure it’s ready to use. Always inspect it for defects before you start reloading it. It’s also best to clean it in advance. Most of the casings will be safe and ready to use when you get them, but it’s always best to take a little extra time to be sure.