The Ultimate Guide for Buying Cigars: Beginner’s Edition

There comes a time for some people when they want to make cigar smoking part of their life. It’s best to learn proper cigar buying habits at the beginning. Many cigar smokers believe obtaining a fine cigar requires following cigar buying etiquette. It’s important beginners follow certain methods as they work toward becoming cigar aficionados.

According to the Cigars Magazine,before getting a cigar you want to smoke, you should know what has gone into the cigar. Most cigars will consist of filler tobacco, a binder leaf holding the filler in place, and an outer wrapper. This is the binder. It’s important for beginners to develop an ability to know the difference between cigars that are machine-made and those made by hand. A cigar made by hand will use long filler tobacco. These are leaves that go the length of the cigar. A machine-made cigar uses high-speed machines to create short-filler tobacco. These are pieces of tobacco or scraps. High-speed machines use homogenized tobacco products. They are stronger than natural leaves and will produce different types of flavors.

Visual Evaluation
Once you light a cigar, you should make a visual inspection concerning what you see happening. According to Cigar Aficionado Magazine,you should notice the ash of the cigar. Experts agree that white ash is preferred over gray cigar ash. This has to do with the soil where the tobacco was grown. The higher quality soil will provide a white ash and superior flavor. Tobacco growers are able to manipulate the quality of soil with their fertilization methods. A soil with too much magnesium will cause the ash to flake easily. Gray cigar ash indicates the soil was lacking certain necessary nutrients.

Price Of Cigars
In many ways, cigars are like other products. A name brand may cost more and not produce a better product. Cigar experts agree that simply because a cigar has a big price tag and is sold by a well-known producer, doesn’t mean it’s the best cigar for the money. It is recommended beginners start with trying a variety of moderately priced cigars. Testing different brands and price ranges will help you discover the cigars you prefer.

Growing Seasons
It’s also important to realize that tobacco changes over growing seasons. Experts agree that no two tobacco leaves or cigars are the same each year. This means that every year you can expect to experience a new tasting cigar even with a familiar brand. Such a change will occur even when the same tobacco blends are used.

It’s also important to learn how aging a cigar makes it smoother and richer. A cigar that is smoked right after being rolled will provide less of a sharp taste from the tobacco. A properly aged cigar will have a smooth and sharp flavor.