The Top Technology Surveillance Items for your Home

The items in spy movies are now available to keep your home and family safer from those who would like to take your possessions and possibly cause you harm. An overview of statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2014 indicates a 10.5 percent reduction in burglaries when compared to 2013 data, but there were still 1,729,806 burglaries committed in the United States in 2014. That equals over three burglaries each and every minute of every single day of the year! Surveillance technology gives you early warning, evidence and peace of mind, and you can have it for your home today.

High-Resolution Surveillance Cameras

How many times have you seen a news story of a convenience store robbery that shows a still picture or video of the perpetrator? Almost every time the images are grainy, poorly lit and severely lacking in detail. It is not the limit of the current technology that creates the poor images. Instead, it is stores not upgrading to high-resolution surveillance cameras that work in low light. There are security cameras available that can pan, tilt and zoom. Still captures can be enlarged to show details such as license plate numbers and facial features to aid in identification. Plus, they work in complete darkness when accompanied with high-output IR emitters.

High-Output IR Emitters

Infrared light is invisible to the naked eye, but it is like daylight to digital camera sensors. You do not need floodlights around your home that make it look like a prison yard at night for your security cameras to capture footage. Unlike expensive image intensifiers and thermal imaging devices, security cameras can use the active illumination of infrared emitters to see at night. Many cameras have built in IR emitters, but they lack the ability to see out to more than about 60 feet. Supplemental IR emitters installed outdoors work like floodlights that no person can see, but your surveillance cameras can.

Perimeter Protection Lasers

Instead of waiting for your alarm system to let you know when someone pries open a window or kicks in a door, you can install perimeter protection laser devices that can protect your entire property. Rather than detecting motion, the lasers emit an invisible beam of light that is picked up by a sensor. When an object breaks the beam of light, you are notified inside the house. You can adjust the height of the lasers to not pick up small animals, and you can disguise their presence. Motion detectors would activate anytime something approaches. A laser sensor only trips when the beam is broken. Unlike the visible lasers in spy movies for effect, laser perimeter sensors do not output any visible light, day or night.

Spy technology continues to evolve. The military drives the development of the gadgets that eventually trickles down into law enforcement and civilian versions of the devices. Civilian high-tech surveillance technology has come a long way. Today’s products are durable, easy to install, and provide high quality protection to homes, which was unavailable just a few years ago.