How to Plan a Diverse Holiday Party

When you think of a diverse holiday party, you might think about one that is held at the workplace. You could also host a party for all types of people in your home. Sometimes, it’s hard to satisfy the desires of everyone, so you want your holiday party to be as simple as possible while still creating a festive feeling. Follow a few simple tips to ensure that everyone has a good time at your event.

Welcome Your Guests
When guests arrive, make them feel like they are welcome at the party. Take their coats or other items, securing them in an area where they won’t be touched. When everyone has arrived, make a statement about how happy you are to have everyone present and that there is something for all guests at the party.

When you think about Christmas, you might think about Jesus and a religious aspect. Some people might not tie this into their holiday celebrations. Keep decorations as simple as possible. Use green, gold, silver and red colors. Avoid using Santa or other symbols of Christmas, keeping it a traditional holiday party instead of one with a theme. Balloons, candles, and snowflakes work well with a diverse holiday party.

Food For Thought
This is an area where you might have to do a bit of additional thinking. Some people might not like certain dishes, especially if they are of a specific religion. Consider finger foods. Vegetable and fruit trays are usually a good option, and they are easy to assemble. You can also purchase a few trays from a local grocery store if they are needed or if you don’t have the time to make them. Try to offer a few vegetarian options as well as a few dishes with meat, such as cocktail hot dogs or meatballs. Don’t forget a few desserts. Small pies or petit fours are good ideas to have and can be decorated in the colors of the party.

Musical Memories
Most people have their own style of music that they listen to, but the holiday season can sometimes bring people together. Play a few older selections as well as a few upbeat tunes so that everyone has something they can listen to or dance along with at the party. Try not to play a lot of religious songs. If the party is for families, then play a few songs that kids know as well.