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4 Things to Know Before Your First Barre Class

Barre has become one of the most popular workouts around, and for good reason. As a ballet-inspired workout, you can get the long, lean muscles that you’ve always wanted. But if you’re considering taking a barre class, there are things you need to know.

Here are four things to know before taking your first barre class:

1. Shaking is Normal

Quivering thighs is normal for a barre class, so don’t be alarmed if your muscles burn to the point of shaking. If you start to feel uncomfortable, don’t feel like you need to push through. It is perfectly acceptable to pause, take a break, and stretch whatever muscles need it.

The more you get used to the movements, the less likely you are to shake. As your muscles continue to grow and strengthen, you will feel more confident with the workouts.

2. You’ll want Grippy Socks

If you’re serious about barre, you’ll want to invest in a pair of socks with grips on the bottom. These special socks can give you better traction, with can not only prevent you from falling and injuring yourself, but also allow you to get better tension in your muscles for a better workout. They can also help you slide easily while doing stretches.

Grippy socks are not necessary but they can make the entire workout easier and more comfortable.

3. Expect to be Sore

There is a reason barre is becoming so popular – it can give a really great workout. You’ll engage muscles you didn’t even know you had, so don’t expect to wake up the next morning without a little bit of soreness. As long as the soreness you’re experiencing isn’t painful or abnormal, you should consider enrolling in another class within a few days.

This can help you to stretch those muscles as well as continue to promote strengthening of the muscles. If you wait too long between classes, you will feel sore again.

4. Avoid Loose Clothing

While you don’t need to go to class in typical ballet attire, tight or formfitting clothing can give you the freedom you need to move flexibly and comfortably. Wearing tights, leggings, or shorts can allow you to do each movement easily and get the most out of your workout.

Whatever you decide to wear, be sure that you are comfortable in it. If you do not feel your best during the workout, you won’t be able to achieve the level of muscle engagement you need.

Barre is a great workout, as long as you are prepared for what you are getting yourself into. Make sure to follow these four tips before starting your first barre class.