Fun After School Activities for Kids to Take Part In

After a long day at school, most children are very excited when the bell rings. For most adults, there’s a strong desire to release some stress and have a little fun after a long work day. The same applies to children. Many children jump at the opportunity to have a little extra fun on the weeknights. There are a few simple yet fun after school activities most kids will love to take part in!

1. Coloring
Coloring is a very relaxing process. Collect colored pencils, crayons, markers and coloring books. It’s a nice idea to get coloring books with educational themes or entertainment themes so the children can relate. One of the best ways to teach a child about different animals is through art and coloring. Put on a few tunes and color the afternoon away!

2. Art Project
Art and crafts are lots of fun for many children. Whether it involves paper mache, playdough or watercolor paints, a good arts and crafts project can keep a child occupied for hours on end. A simple arts and crafts project that’s pretty cathartic involves finger painting. Purchase a bunch of kid-friendly acrylic paints. Organize and lay out a bunch of newspapers to keep the area from getting messy. After giving each child a smock, a piece of paper and some paints, allow them to have fun painting with their fingers. You can teach a mini-art lesson by showing them how to make different shapes, animals, people and things with the finger paint designs for some helpful art direction.

3. Trip to the Park
The park is such a simple way to engage children and allow them to have fun. Plus, it’s a great way to work off any pent-up energy before bedtime. When you take children to the park in a group, this is a fantastic way for them to build memories and entertain one another. If you have a lot of work to do, bring your laptop, sit on a bench within eyesight and get to work while they have fun with one another.

4. Fun Class
While more classes after school sound to be monotonous, we’re talking about classes in a different setting. If your child loves music, think about putting them in a community choir or in vocal performance lessons/camp. If they enjoy the performing arts like dance and theater, enroll your child into a local dance studio or take them to a theater class. If sports are always on the tv, consider finding the local soccer or basketball team and sign them up for a regional league. Gymnastics and tumbling are great options for the kids that love to jump and tumble all over the furniture at home. Other options for great classes include yoga, chess, foreign language and swimming.