Five Ways Training Can Help Negotiations With Difficult People

Compromise is a fact of life. At some point, you are going to have to give up a little bit of what you want now to hopefully get most of you want later. However, there are some people who refuse to compromise or give in even a little. However, learning how to deal with difficult people can help you better negotiate with them.

Some People Don’t Know What They Want

There may come a time when you negotiate with someone who doesn’t know what he or she wants. By helping that other person determine his or her top priority in the negotiations, it may be easier to create a framework that can then lead to an agreement that both sides like.

Some People Don’t Know What a Good Deal Looks Like

If you have never bowled before, you wouldn’t know if a 100 game is a good score or not. If you’ve never negotiated a contract, you might not know what a good deal looks like. In the event that your adversary is a first time negotiator, an impasse may arise simply because the other person doesn’t know what to put on or take off the table. Helping that other person learn what the best possible deal is could help end that impasse.

Some People Want to Feel Like They Won

In some negotiations, the other side won’t give in because he or she is being stubborn. To end the negotiation, you may simply need to offer a few extra dollars to buy a product or offer a potential employee an extra day off to get that person to come work for you.

Some People May Be Negotiating Within an Approved Framework

In some cases, you may be negotiating with a person who is merely speaking on behalf of the true decision maker. Through training, you may be able to find a way to appeal both to the sensibilities of the person you are talking with as well as the person who ultimately makes the decision.

Some People Don’t Know That They Are Being Difficult

It isn’t uncommon for others to lack self-awareness. While they may think that they are being reasonable, some you negotiate with are just unreasonable and don’t know it. In such a situation, staying calm and professional is the best way to go. Remember, a negotiation is about making a deal without getting emotional or being petty no matter how annoyed you may feel.

Negotiating is never easy because you can never get everything that you want in a deal. Therefore, you have to know what you need and how you can get those terms in a final agreement. Assuming that both sides can negotiate in good faith, it may even be possible to get a few of your wants as well without too much hassle.