9 Common Facts to Know about Fire Safety

Fire safety is important for everyone to avoid an injury or death from dangerous smoke or flames. Here are nine valuable fire safety tips for homeowners and business managers.

1: Use Caution While Burning Candles

If you enjoy burning a candle, then make sure to remain cautious. Never leave a burning candle unattended to avoid having a dangerous fire. In addition, use the appropriate container to hold a candle to avoid having broken glass or melting plastic.

2: Inspect Electrical Cords and Outlets

Don’t use frayed electrical cords that have exposed wires or loose plugs. Inspect the outlets in your business or home to verify that the items are in the best condition before plugging in a lamp or electronic device.

3: Maintain a Building’s Fireplace and Chimney

When you use a fireplace to keep a room warm, it is essential to have its components inspected and repaired by a chimney sweep. A knowledgeable technician will also climb on a building’s rooftop to look inside the chimney to remove creosote that can cause a fire.

4: Keep Smoking Supplies Away from Children

If you smoke cigarettes, then make sure to keep matches and lighters away from your children. A child may try to play with a lighter or matches, leading to a dangerous fire in a home.

5: Remain In a Kitchen While Cooking a Meal

Avoid leaving food cooking on a stove while you are out of your kitchen. To avoid an accident, keep paper towels, oven mitts and other flammable items away from a stove.

6: Don’t Block Fire Exits

Never block the fire exits in a building with furniture or appliances. If there is a fire inside a building, then everyone needs to leave as quickly as possible to avoid inhaling lethal smoke.

7: Have Practice Fire Drills

Make sure to have practice fire drills in a home or business to help everyone understand where the fire exits are located. The best way to leave a building is through a doorway, but when there is a fire near a door, you must use an alternate route such as a window.

8: Use Space Heaters Properly

When you use space heaters in a business or home for warmth in the winter, understand how to operate the device safely. Use the proper fuel in a space heater, and place it where no one can tip it over. Never toss blankets or clothing over a space heater.

9: Have Smoke Detectors Inside a Building

Always have working smoke detectors in a building to alert you when there is smoke or flames. Test each smoke detector on a regular basis to make sure that the battery works.