8 Easy Ways to spot Fake Jewelry

One of the most frequent questions Gemologists get is how to tell the difference between fake and real jewelry. It is a considerable question given that you have to part with a great deal of cash for the valuable item. Being duped into purchasing a fake product is not a mistake you can afford to make. The ability to spot fake from real jewelry will save a future heartache. Nowadays, the illegitimate jewelry businessman has found a way to duplicate legit jewelry. It has thus become quite difficult to spot fakes. There are clues nonetheless to look in the proposed merchandise and note the salesman is a dupe.


These are the Eight Easy Ways to Spot Fake Jewelry

1.Looking at the jewelry using a loupe

A loupe is a magnifying glass that can be bought at any store. The visual inspection is important as it is through the practice that you will identify the official markings on the jewelry. In the case of a piece of jewelry made of gold fineness or Karat (10k, 14k, 18k, 22k or 24k) indication should be present. Most counterfeit products will lack the hallmark or stamp, but some do have thus further testing needs to be conducted.

2.Magnet test

According to an article by CBS news, the most materials used to make jewelry such as gold, silver and platinum are non-ferrous. By taking a piece of the jewelry near  a magnet a fake will be attracted, a genuine jewelry will not. For the test to be successful one should use a strong magnet.

3.Scratch test

Different tests depend on what kind of metal the jewelry is made of.If the proposed merchandise is made of gold, a ceramic test can be conducted to determine whether it is real or not. By dragging it over the place, a black streak means a fake while a gold streak means it is genuine. If the item is a diamond a scratch with a sandpaper will dent a fake item.

4. Fog test

Fog test is specifically conducted for jewelry that is made of Diamond. By breathing hot air on the “diamond” a fake will fog while a genuine product does not. Reason being that diamond does to retain heat.

5. Bite test

The bite test is conducted for jewelry made of gold. You only need to bite the jewelry with moderate pressure then check for markings. Real gold should show indents from the teeth marking.

6.Certificates and Documentation

It is important to note that purchase of jewelry as a pure diamond should be accompanied by a certificate. If there is a lack of accompanied certificate means it is not legit. More so, the document needs to be clear and not blurred.

7. Pricing for the Jewelry piece

The price that you part with for a piece of jewelry is already an indicator whether it is real or not. According to an article on Business Insider, Under-Karating is quite common in stores where they indicate discounts on products.

8.Stone refractivity

It is a common practice while testing diamond jewelry. Diamond has a sharp bend refractions. Using the dot test, where you draw a dot on a piece of paper and place the stone in the center of the dot. By looking directly at the stone. Counterfeit products will have a circular reflection in them.