7 Frugal Ways to Make Your Home Look Stunning

You don’t have to have a hum-drum look just because you’re short of cash. Go from boring to stunning in no time at all with these few tips. Here are seven ways to make up for in style what you lack in cash:

1. Create Dramatic Art – Don’t spend a fortune buying art when you can create dramatic pieces on your own. Have over-sized images printed at a print shop and frame them or bring in large pieces of wood to make a sculptural statement.
2. Decorate Accent Walls – Do only one wall of a square room instead of all four walls. You can use paint, wallpaper, or grass cloth, like a New York specialist in home staging Cheryl Eisen mentioned in Goodhousekeeping.com, and save money on materials and labor.
3. Use Creative Lighting – Lighting has gotten cheaper over the years with many new options, like LED lights. You can now easily put undercabinet lights, accent lights, and even solar lights to light up a walkway at night even on a budget.
4. Bring Out Hidden Features – Maybe there are wood floors under the carpet or bricks covered by paneling. Whatever modern decor has been added to the home can be stripped to bring out hidden features in the home and bring back its architectural design strengths.
5. Check Out Remnants Stores specializing in carpeting and tiles often have remnant areas where you can get discounts of up to 50 percent, which is perfect for a small project in the kitchen or living room. You can even get “remnant” paint from home and garden stores that discount paint that is returned because the color is not what the buyer wanted. Mix and match and save a ton in decorating costs!
6. Let the Natural Light In – Nothing makes a place look stunning more than natural light, and it’s free. All you have to do is use sheer curtains or blinds to let in the maximum amount of light without disruption.
7. Add Over-sized Mirrors – Once the light is in, it can be bounced around and reflected with large mirrors. They not only help provide that sparkly reflection, but also tend to make a small room look bigger.

Remember that less is more when you want to make bold, dramatic, statements. Fewer furnishings mean cost savings, but can really make a place look spacious and inviting. Even monochrome color schemes can look stunning, once you add a pop of color in wall art or an accent rug. All it takes is a little time and some ingenuity to totally revamp your home and make it into a work of art.