7 Essential Items Every Bride Needs on Her Wedding Day

No matter how much a bride prepares for her wedding, sometimes, something unexpected will happen. Prepare for those unexpected complications with these bridal emergency supplies:

Tip or Payment Envelopes with Money Sorted in Advance: Tips will be personal for each wedding but arranging them all in advance – and putting them in separate envelopes will keep you organized and less anxious. Ask your maid of honor or another wedding party member to keep them safe for you. See this for a very complete list for wedding tipping.

Emergency Kit for the Bridal Party Dresses: It is entirely possible – maybe probable- that there will be some sort of fashion emergency on your wedding day. Don’t let it concern you. Prepare a kit that includes a hand held steamer, spot remover, white chalk (for your gown), a small sewing kit and tape. There is double-sided fashion tape for fabric but including cellophane tape or even duct tape might be a good idea, too.

A Second Pair of Shoes: On your most important day you will probably wear the prettiest shoes you could find, but they might not be the most comfortable. A second pair of flats may be a lifesaver by the time you’ve been on your feet for hours. Some brides choose flip-flops for their second pair of shoes, but you may not be able to dance for very long in thong sandals. A simple pair of white leather ballet flats, perhaps appropriately decorated for the occasion, might be the best choice. Don’t forget to break them in a little in the weeks before the wedding, too.

Personal Emergency Items: Don’t let a minor personal emergency derail your wedding day. Prepare a personal emergency kit with bobby pins, safety pins, cotton balls, Q-tips, extra earring backs, breath mints, your toothbrush and toothpaste and deodorant. Here’s a more complete list.
Makeup Repair Kit: Yes, bring extras of your make-up but don’t forget tweezers, a nail file or emery boards, nail clippers and, of course, a bottle of whatever nail polish you are wearing for the wedding.

Eye Care Items: If you shed tears at your wedding – which is likely – you may compromise your contact lenses. Make sure you have an extra set of contacts and the multipurpose solution for storage. Include wetting drops, eye drops, a spare contact lens case or a duplicate of whatever eye care item you regularly use.

A Snack: Don’t forget to eat. Unfortunately, many brides do. Don’t become lightheaded or worse, faint at your wedding! Take along a granola bar, trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, whatever you like that can provide what may be some desperately needed energy.