6 Surprising Benefits of Custom Music for Customers on Hold

Custom hold music is one remedy for the sense of frustration your customers may be experiencing while inevitably waiting for human attention on the phone. When done right, it can be the factor that determines whether placing customers on hold will be a liability or an opportunity. Here are six benefits custom hold music offers that might surprise you:

1. It can decrease employee phone time. Have you discovered that most callers are coming to you with one of a list of frequently asked questions? Custom hold music can include answers to your most common questions, sometimes answering the ones your callers are ready to ask before they reach a human being, and leading to them hanging up before taking up employee time. Bonus: they hang up happy, because their questions have been answered!

2. It can reinforce your marketing campaigns. If you’ve invested money in audio branding, a jingle, advertising copy or any other marketing initiatives that can be translated to hold music, you’re in luck. Incorporating these things into your hold music will reinforce messaging you’ve already paid for, potentially shortening your sales cycle.

3. It can help drive sales. If you’ve got someone on hold, you have a captive audience! Use that hold time to educate your customers about your current specials, offerings and initiatives, and you may have a ready buyer by the time someone picks up.

4. It reduces hang-ups. Holds are inevitable in business phone calls. There are few things more disconcerting than being on hold with no music. A silent hold feels like a mistake, and confused customers may believe they’ve been cut off and hang up. Similarly, being on hold with generic music playing leaves customers feeling like time could pass indefinitely without anyone picking up– and they aren’t being courted by anyone during that time, either. Custom music, though, will help pass the time while assuring customers that they’re correct to continue holding.

5. It can soothe frazzled nerves. Some callers are upset before they make the call, regardless of how long they wind up on hold. Carefully structured hold music can help alleviate their distress with a strategic blend of soothing sounds and reassuring messages that offer a mix of useful information and assurances of your company’s commitment to sending them away happy.

6. It can enhance your image. If your telephone system automatically puts callers through a hold before they speak with a human, this might be your first impression. Make it a good one with a thoughtfully composed hold message and music that sends a message about who you are and what the experience of working with you will be.