5 Ways Listening to Podcasts Will Inspire You

Many people have misconceptions about what a podcast is, and most people think that it is no different than radio. That could not be further from the reality of podcasts. Wikipedia defines podcasts as, “an episodic series of digital audio files which a user can download and listen to.” Podcasts, in simple terms, is ongoing information, stories, and content that are at everyone’s fingertips. Podcasts have an intimate quality where the hosts are personable and engaging, making it a an incredibly relatable medium to you, the listener.

If you aren’t familiar with podcasts, then you might want to check out these 5 ways listening to podcasts will inspire you:

1. Podcasts will motivate you to learn something new. Podcasts can be incredibly educational, and they are full of high quality information delivered by likable and relatable people that make learning fun. If you are curious about a particular subject, it’s highly likely you can find solid information about it in a podcast. From history to the psychology of tv shows, podcasts has it all for the recreational scholar.

2. They will inspire you to try something new. Whether it is a new hobby or a new exercise routine, you are bound to discover something that will pique your interest enough to make you want to try it yourself.

3. Podcasts will inspire you to become a better you. Like we said, podcasting is intimate. There are thousands of lifestyle podcasts with real people facing real problems and dilemmas. Listening to their stories of endurance will motivate you to find innovative ways to live a better life.

4. You will be inspired to laugh more. Podcasts are full of comedy and humorous hosts. You never realize how refreshing it is to laugh until you are stuck in rush hour traffic with a humorous podcast to alleviate the boredom and stress. Laughter really is the best medicine.

5. Podcasts will motivate you to be more engaging. So many of us live in our own little bubble, but podcasts will make you want to go out and talk to your friends about the interesting new things you’ve learned and the entertaining stories you have discovered.

Listening to podcasts is fun, entertaining, educational and inspiring. According to Lee Schneider, a contributing author for the Huffington Post, “If you’re not listening to podcasts, you’re missing a lot. They combine the best of talk radio, talk shows, documentaries, off the wall comedy, and suspense – at times all in the same show.” Podcasts have so much to offer in content, stories and entertainment, and we think you could find inspiration in listening to podcasts too.