5 Upcoming Smartphones You Need to Check Out

Competition is getting tougher in the smartphone industry. Every company is coming up with new features and technologies to add to their devices in order to become the market leaders. The competition is healthy and very important as it has led to unique and impressive features on smartphones 2016, in particular, has been and continues to be a huge year for the mobile phones industry. All of the industry players are doing everything possible to stay relevant in this rapidly growing market as Forbes illustrates. The following are the top smartphones set to be launched in 2016 and which you definitely need to check out. Although the technology is not entirely revolutionary compared to earlier devices, they are still a positive leap in the right direction.

Apple iPhone 7
Apple had earlier on launched iPhone SE as a flagship but is still looking at launching iPhone 7 as its next flagship for 2016. People go crazy with Apple devices, and this is evident with the 6s series which is doing very well.

Key specs
• Operating on iOS 10
• Upgraded Apple A10 chipset processor
• e-sim
• The slimmest iPhone ever
• Waterproof
• approximately $937

Samsung galaxy note 6
The device is expected to be launched in August or September 2016 as reported on Huffington post. The device will not feature an edge body but a flexible display or something very thin. It’s time for other brands to pick up on the edge technology.
Key specs
• 30MP and 16MP iso cell camera
• 4700mAh battery
• 16GB and 256GB storage option
• Samsung Exynos Octa processor
• 5.5’ 4K display

One plus three
This device is rumored to succeed one plus 2. It will be a more efficient yet powerful device than the predecessor. The one plus devices have made a name for their uniqueness and the same will be expected of this one.

Key specs
• 5.5’ FHD display
• Snapdragon 820 processor
• 16MP and 8MP camera
• Oxygen OS with Android M

Microsoft Surface phone
Microsoft is looking to introduce a game changer after the successful run of the Lumia series. This device will be known as Microsoft Surface phone. The combination of skill brought into Microsoft by Nokia has ensured the success of the Lumia series, and this is expected to flow to this device.

Key specs
• Quad HD 5.5’ AMOLED screen
• Gorilla glass 4
• Snapdragon processor 830(best in the market)
• 8GB RAM (DDR4)
• 21MP and 8MP pure view camera
• 64GB/128GB storage option
• 4000mAh battery

Sony Xperia M Ultra
It is not clear yet on whether this will be a flagship per se as the processor and RAM point to a variation although the camera does indicate a flagship status. However the device is still impressive, and that’s why it is featured among the best.

Key specs
• 23MP and 16MP camera
• 6’ full HD IPS-NEO Display
• 32GB inbuilt memory
• Snapdragon 652 processor

From reviews and rumors, 2016 is shaping up to be a good year for tech enthusiasts although there is nothing that is too out of the box revolutionary wise. Overall, these are the best devices to check out.