5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is a fairly routine procedure that is undergone by both women and men worldwide. Improved techniques in surgical skill and anesthesia make it safer than ever before. The first step is finding the perfect doctor that knows exactly what you envision as an end result and you feel comfortable enough to work with. Below are 5 points you need to ponder in order to choose the right surgeon for you.

Licensed and Board Certified

No matter where you reside, a person must be licensed and board certified to provide legal and safe surgical services. Anything less and you are taking a huge risk with your health and gambling at final results. A quality plastic surgeon will be happy to display licenses, certifications and awards.  If questions about credentials are ignored or passed on it is not the right surgeon for you.

Proven Track Record

Feel free to ask for referrals to former patients and check that the surgeon has a good record of keeping patients safe and providing customer satisfaction. You want to find a plastic surgeon that has a solid history of customer satisfaction and demonstrated safety in patient care. Honest reviews can offer the clues you need to make the best decision for your procedure.

Smoke and Mirror Detector

Read up and get informed about the type of procedure you are looking to get done. Knowledge can be a time saver. If you know what to expect it makes it easier to pick out the surgeon that is boastful and over-promises perfect end results. There is no way that a plastic surgeon can iron-clad guarantee a specific result. Your expectations are the goal, but a good surgeon will explain that perfection and exactness are hard to achieve 100% of the time.

Avoid Discounts and Heavy Advertising

A good plastic surgeon really has no need to advertise all the time. Happy patients will refer friends and family. This will keep their schedule full and end the need to advertise and offer discounted services. It really is true that you get what you pay for and offers of low cost surgery should be a huge red flag. It is better to pay a reasonable price and sit on a waiting list for a period of time in order to get the best plastic surgery results possible.

The Importance of Hospital Privileges

Hospitals routinely run background screenings for all associated personnel. Make sure that your plastic surgeon of choice retains hospital privileges and you can rest assured that their background is clean and top notch. It is worth finding out this little piece of information. It can save you a lot of hours of homework.