5 Items You Can Buy To Give Your Home That Nautical Look

Having a nautical theme in your home is quite classic and stylish. The theme is appropriate if you have the desire of transforming your house into a coastal haven. A nautical-feel décor helps you assume the virtual existence of a beautiful coastal experience. The feel of walking on sand, breathing fresh salty air and the majestic look of waves all come to life. You do not need to spend a total makeover of your home or part with such a great amount to redesign. There only needs to be small, inexpensive touches to have the fresh, breezy nautical theme in your home.


These are the 5 Items You Can Buy to Give Your Home That Nautical Look:


  1. Rope – it seems quite simple and insignificant thing to model around to attain the theme. It, however, is one of the most inspired and creative ways of attaining a boat like a theme. You can make a wreath in a nautical style using the rope, or candle stands decorated with beach décor and rope. The following pictures illustrate how to get creative with the use of ropes. For more info read this article on the Huffington Post.
  2. Blue and White Striped Décor – A blue and white accent help in bringing out the coastal feel. The bright colors are needed as the inspiration is fueled by the sun, sand and sea. These colors should be captured in your décor. Stripes are a key aspect of a nautical theme, and they can be employed in various ways.
  3. Sea inspired Wallpaper– just like the décor the wallpaper can make a great difference in expressing a nautical theme in your home. The blue and white stripes, blue polka dots among others may bring out the ambience of a coastal feeling. The idea of a boat can also be captured using the wallpaper. The bead board wallpaper either in beige or brown captures the idea of the wooden boat. More on a yacht or boat experience read this article on Forbes.
  4. Authentic Nautical items– these include maps, a bowl of shells among others. Acquire a collection of shells and place them in a beautiful transparent glass bowl and place them on display. The watery theme can be captured by placing them near the bathroom. An actual sailor’s map can be displayed on the wall. The authentic items bring a recall of the ocean as it is a sea like a theme. Collecting old driftwood from a boat or fish netting and other washed up items subtly added enhance the nautical look.
  5. Porthole window– you can install a porthole window in your home. They can go in any given room, may it be the bathroom, bedroom or the living room. They are used to avoid blank walls and manage to give a nautical feel as if in a boat. A porthole window makes a striking statement for a nautical feel.