5 Inspiring Ways to honor Loved Ones at your Wedding

Weddings are a time to celebrate love and happiness with your most treasured family and friends. In the middle of all this joy, many of us are still experiencing the sadness of having lost a loved one who cannot share in the wonderful celebration. For unique ways to honor dearly departed loved ones on your big day, consider these tips.

1. Save a Seat

For each departed loved one, use a picture and a frame to place it at a seat in a special row for your ceremony. This is a great visual reminder of their eternal presence in your lives and the fun memories you shared.

2. Create a Picture Spread

The perfect place to share memories of your loved ones who cannot attend your special day is to honor them with a photo spread at your sign in table. This will remind other guests of their memories and will certainly spark some wonderful conversations about how much they are missed and loved.

3. Carry an Heirloom with the Bouquet

To remind yourself of the love and memories you shared with your loved one, honor their memory by carrying a piece of jewelry or photo locket with your bouquet. This is a way to keep their memory close to your heart and to remind you that they are definitely in your heart on your special day. In a way, it is almost like your loved one is helping you walk down the aisle. This will also make a beautiful keepsake for after the wedding as a reminder of the special details you considered to incorporate your family in this big moment for you.

4. Gifts for a Cause

If your loved one had a special charity or cause that was very meaningful to them, then a wonderful way to honor them is to have a place where guests can donate to the charity. You could offer this in lieu of a wedding gift or as an addition to one. This will remind you and all of your guests of the type of generous person your loved one was and will help keep their memory alive.

5. Wear a Piece of Your Loved One’s Jewelry

Incorporating a piece of your loved one’s favorite jewelry into your wedding day accessories in an intimate way to feel their presence as you start on an exciting chapter of your life. It also makes for a great way to pass down family history to younger generations so that you keep the memories of your loved one alive in the family and create new traditions.