4 Ways to Make Your Winter Coat Last Several Seasons

Those who live in cold climates absolutely must have a high-quality winter coat when the cold weather rolls around. Naturally, it’s important to find a nice winter coat in the fall so that you can be prepared for that first blustery day.

But shopping for and ultimately purchasing that quality winter coat often means shelling out the big bucks. The best winter coats can cost at least 100 dollars. Fortunately, this is money well spent. High-quality winter coats will keep you warm for hours upon hours in the frigid air.

Of course, if you’re going to spend a lot of money on a winter coat, you’ll want to be able to keep it around for a long time. For many people, spending more than 100 dollars each year on a winter coat is not an option.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to employ some special techniques for making sure that your winter coat will last several seasons. The following is a list of four ways to keep your coat clean and in working order so that it can last as long as possible.

1. Spot Clean When Necessary

Spills and accidents happen, but the important thing is to take care of them as soon as they are noticed. If you happen to spill hot chocolate on your winter coat, for example, make sure that you spot clean it when you get home. This will ensure that the stain does not set.

2. Fix Rips, Tears and Other Problems When They Occur

Many people wrongly suppose that if a button falls off the coat, the zipper breaks or a tear occurs on a seam, the coat should be thrown in the trash. On the contrary, these problems can easily be fixed by either you or a professional seamstress. Even if you need to take your coat in to be fixed by a seamstress, the cost of small fixes like these are nominal.

3. Get Your Coat Professionally Cleaned at the End of the Winter Season

When those last few snowflakes have finally come out of the sky and it’s finally time to put your winter coat away for the season, don’t pack it up quite yet. Instead, take your coat to the dry cleaners and have it professionally cleaned. This will prepare it for the upcoming winter season and ensure that it’s in great shape

4. Store Your Coat Properly

Lastly, don’t just toss your winter coat in a box or a bag when you’re done with it for the year. You’ve had it professionally cleaned, so store it properly in a garment bag. Don’t put your winter coat in an attic or basement where it may get moldy or mildewy either. Store the coat in the back of your closet.