4 Times When Your Child Will Benefit From a Prepaid Phone

We’re living in a time now when almost every child has a smartphone. Just walk into any store and you’ll probably see multiple kids walking around glued to these thin devices. Unfortunately, a smart phone isn’t necessarily the right option for every kid and going with a prepaid phone is highly advantageous for many reasons.

Scenarios When a Child will Benefit From a Prepaid Phone

Below is a list of scenarios when your child might benefit the most from having a prepaid phone.

For Emergency Situations
While you might be hesitant to get your child a cellphone, there still is a problem with sending your kid off to school, camp or another function without having access to your home or cell number in case of an emergency. When your child has a prepaid phone, they’ll easily be able to contact you if there is a problem or emergency, and it’s a reliable form of communication that doesn’t involve contracts and monthly bills.

When They’re Too Young for a Smart Phone
Let’s face it, your six-year-old doesn’t need the latest smart phone that was just released and costs hundreds of dollars. If you want your child to still have a phone but feel they’re too young, a prepaid option is the right one for them. It still provides them with the calls, texts and messages that they need without the high cost of an expensive phone.

When They Need to Be Monitored and Limited
Prepaid phones are easier to monitor and limit than contract phones. Let’s say that you don’t want your child texting their friends all day; you just need to buy a smaller prepaid card with less text availability on it. Prepaid phones can also be monitored on accounts online, allowing you to see how much data your child is using and how many minutes they’ve used, along with who they’re calling and texting.

When They Need to Be Taught Responsibility
Oftentimes, the first phone a kid will ever get is a prepaid one. This is because they’re cheaper and are less daunting for parents sending their kids off to school with an expensive smartphone that cost a small fortune. If you want to teach your kids even more responsibility, have them be in charge of reloading the phone with minutes and data. Unlike a cellphone carrier bill that has to be paid each and every month, a prepaid phone can go unused until a new card is purchased and reloaded onto the device. This means that if your kid doesn’t have the funds to reload the phone or is too irresponsible to buy a minute card, they just won’t have a phone. As opposed to them not paying you for the bill and you’ll still be responsible for paying it yourself.