4 Simple Ways to Label Your Moving Boxes

Moving is one of those life events that not only drains us physically, but can also drain us emotionally. However, you can simplify the moving process with a good, easy-to-use system for labeling your boxes. Whether you tend to be a pack rat or a minimalist, just “think outside the box” for a smooth move.

By the Numbers
Laura Gaskill, Houzz contributor to the Huffington Post, and many other moving experts recommend numbering each box before transporting it. This will help you determine if anything is missing once the boxes are moved. Simply look for a gap in sequence after all the boxes are transported.

Show Your True Colors
Color coding your boxes according to the room they go in helps you determine at a glance where to put each one. There are many options for doing this. Colored dot stickers, colored packing tape, or markers will all get the job done. If you opt for markers or dot stickers, be sure to use them on the top of the box, as well as on at least two sides for quick room identification. Colored packing tape is especially nice because you can see it on all sides, and there’s no going back to color code after you’ve sealed the box. You will need to create a key so that you can remember which room each color represents. If you want to write what’s inside every box, simply make a master list. For instance, if you’ve chosen blue to be the code for your bedroom, and you have 12 boxes of bedroom items, you would write: “Blue, 1/12: books, wicker basket, small rug.” That way you don’t have to write on each box. Take a picture of this list so that you have a back up on your phone.

Break Free
Anything that is fragile needs to be labeled as such. You can simply write the word “fragile” in large letters in several places (top and sides) on boxes containing breakable items, or you might consider sticking a large, bright piece of patterned duct tape around such boxes. Either way, they will be immediately noticeable as boxes to treat with care.

Last But Not Least
wikiHow experts recommend creating a box containing items that you will need to unpack first, such as toilet paper, soap, tissues, a hand towel, medication, and snacks. Be sure to load this box last, so that you can easily find it to open it first. Clearly label it as your “unpack immediately” box.