4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Overall Health

The all-or-nothing approach to improving health does not work for most people. Sudden and drastic changes are not usually sustainable in the long term. Setting small goals to achieve in the short term can lead to amazing long-term results. Your goal should be to start small and always keep moving forward to higher goals. When the end results of optimal health and weight goals are achieved by long-term efforts, it is easier for you to sustain it for a lifetime.

Dietary Changes

A diet is not something you go on to lose a few pounds and then stop. Your diet includes all of the foods, beverages and supplements you consume on a daily basis. You already know that big portions and too much fat, sugar, salt, processed foods and junk foods can ruin your health. However, quitting cold turkey may not work for you. Set a goal to cut back on those no-no foods a little at a time.

If you usually have two, eat one. As you get used to the change, cut the amount down to half of the one. If your portion sizes for even healthy foods need to be curtailed, use a smaller plate or bowl. If you put two slices of cheese on a burger, cut back to one. You do not even have to measure portions, just make a conscious daily effort to cut corners in what you are eating. As you succeed in cutting back on the no-no foods, increase your portions of healthy foods such as fresh vegetables to fill you up.

Motivation to Get Moving

Sedentary living is considered to be as unhealthy as smoking, but getting moving is tough for some people tied to a desk all day. There is a lot to be said about taking the stairs and walking whenever possible to get exercise at work, but the motivation often fails because it seems as if it is not enough to make a difference. Getting one of the fitness watches that track your movements can be a powerful motivator to do a little more each day. Plus, you can challenge friends, coworkers and relatives who also have the same brand of wearable fitness device as you. You can walk you way to your ideal weight and fitness goals if you keep at it.

Get Tested

If you have symptoms, see a doctor. Do not wait for something to get out of hand. Get checked now. For example, if you are not as fit as you would like to be, and you are sedentary and not making the best food choices, you are a candidate for pre-diabetes. This is elevated blood glucose levels that are an indicator that Type 2 diabetes is just around the corner. If an exam shows even a slightly elevated increase in glucose, you can prevent and even reverse early Type 2 diabetes with dietary changes and regular exercise that helps you control weight and build lean muscle. Testing for possible life-threatening diseases such as colon and skin cancer can catch things early and prevent needless loss of life.

Keep a Written Record

It may be easy for you to look too much on the bright side or concentrate too much on doom and gloom. Everyone has a different outlook when it comes to personal health. Some people ignore serious symptoms because they want to be positive. Others may think subtle symptoms are an omen of doom. For improving your health, you should keep a journal of how you feel. Create a system that takes no more than two minutes to fill out every day. If you can track the truth of how you feel, you can take steps to improve your health. A journal helps you see chronic issues and recurring acute ones. Plus, when your doctor asks how you have been, you have a written log of exactly what you have been experiencing and how it has changed over time.

Invest in yourself. You have one body to live in for your entire life. Make small changes today so you can have a better tomorrow. Every effort you make to improving your health and preventing unnecessary illness is cumulative. You can make a huge difference in your health by getting started and not looking back.