4 Instant Benefits of using a Floor Liner in your Crawlspace

Crawlspaces are dark, damp, and sometimes scary. The average homeowner seldom ventures into that area and that may not be wise. Most homeowners work very hard in maintaining and caring for their homes. Their home is their greatest investment. However crawlspaces are overlooked when it comes to care and maintenance, yet can cause major problems. What are some of the problems a homeowner may encounter with their crawlspace?

Excess moisture is the greatest problem in crawlspaces and is caused by a variety of reasons; including improper drainage of rainwater away from the house and leaky plumbing. Moisture naturally evaporates from the soil and condenses into water droplets that cover every surface in the crawlspace. This excess moisture can directly, or indirectly, affect the structure of the house, the health of the family, and certainly their finances.

The moisture content or humidity level within a crawlspace can climb to 80 percent. In the past, the standard method of treating a moisture problem was by installing vents in the foundation wall. It was logical to assume that air circulating beneath the house would dry the excess moisture. However, studies have proven this to be untrue So, what can be done to eliminate the problem? Floor linings can take care of a moisture problem.

Excess moisture causes mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors to develop. If left uncheck, they will rise to the living area above. Once mold begins to grow, it is extremely difficult to remove completely. Floor liners serve as barriers and reduces the moisture, preventing the growth of mold and mildew and stopping unpleasant odors. Since moisture attracts pests; including insects, termites, rodents, and other unwelcome creatures, installing floor liners will reduce the number of these unpleasant visitors.

Floor liners help keep family members healthy by maintaining air quality in the living area. If mold continues to spread, the spores can be very dangerous for family members to inhale causing many respiratory problems.

By maintaining a more constant temperature within the crawlspace, less moisture seeps into the living area. The HVAC units can work more efficiently and cost less money to operate.

Floor liners can protect the structure of the house. As moisture rises, the above flooring and subflooring can be damaged. Excess moisture will not only cause mold and mildew to grow but can warp the wood flooring as well. Floor liners can curtail termite infestation and the damage they cause.

The crawlspace may be seldom used, but it can have a great impact on the overall physical condition of the home, its air quality, and the health of the family. Installing floor liners will protect both home and family.