3 Ideas for Matching Your Stairlift to Existing Home Décor

The process of putting a proper stair lift in a space that matches a home’s design scheme can be challenging because most units have unappealing color tones. However, there are ways to make a space stand out after a unappealing stair lift is placed in an area that has modern or vintage décor.

Peel a Wallpaper and Select Matching Color

This strategy should only be used if you’re going to renovate the space where the stair lift will be placed because you must take a layer of wallpaper off the wall. Once the piece of wallpaper is removed, there will be a flawed spot on the wall, and the only way to enhance the wall is by putting another slab of wallpaper over the spot.

Special tools must be used to cut the wallpaper off the wall so that a paint specialist can pick a proper paint color. However, you may be able to lift and remove a sample piece by running a traditional blade underneath the corner of the wallpaper. This process should be done slowly so that the blade won’t wobble while it travels through the adhesive coating on the wall. In order to cut the paper without damaging the wall, you must glide a razor on the material. During this phase of the process, try to make clean cuts; if the paper has any jagged edges, you could have problems putting the sample piece back in place.

Select a Matching Accessory

If you’d like to match the décor with a stair lift without picking a color that matches the wall, simply focus on the accessories that are scattered throughout the environment. This strategy will give you more options if various accessories with different color tones are selected before traveling to the paint store. However, in order to pick proper colors that match, you must hold each accessory next to the stair lift. If a color scheme on an accessory doesn’t clash with the tones on the stair lift, it’s an ideal color option for the design scheme in the space.

Paint the Stair Lift

By using a can of spray paint strategically, you can change the color scheme on a lift so that it matches the décor in the environment. However, spray painting should only be considered if you own the stair lift.

Preparation is required in order to complete this project without harming the cushions. The best way to avoid spraying the cushions is by covering the fabrics with a thick, durable product. Throughout the painting process, the paint may flake; when this happens, you can remove the flaking with sandpaper.